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Railroad Crossings Weather Page

Railroad Crossings Weather Page
Weather Forecasts, Averages, and Links

        This page is provided to help my fellow railfans plan the perfect season to accomplish his / her intentions. Want winter shots, with lots of snow? How about the longest, hottest days of summer? Got any Spring in your step? If so, then hopefully you'll find the following tables, links, and current weather reports from the selected locations to be of some assistance.  For each subdivision, I plan on including the 2 terminals, as well as 1 or 2 cities / locales in the middle of the sub. Depending on the size and coverage of the sub involved, I may included more than this. For example, the UP's Mojave sub traverses such a wide range of territories that 3-4 locations would not give an accurate picture of the weather there in southern California, so more will be included. Still not enough? Then use the links below to research your specific location. Not that it will matter, it's a guarantee that Mother Nature will still send that single cloud in the sky right over your dream shot! :o) Good Luck!

Weather Related Links and Sites

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Individual Linked Weather Subdivision Pages


Lyndyll Sub, UPRR (SLC, UT to Milford, UT)


Caliente Sub, UPRR (Milford, UT to Las Vegas, NV)


Cima Sub, UPRR (Las Vegas, NV to Yermo, CA)


Needles Sub, BNSF (Needles, CA to Barstow, CA)


Seligman Sub, BNSF (Needles, CA to Winslow, AZ)


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