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Railroad Maps and Railfan Info Page
Updated 2-5-2004

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(Subdivisions highlighted above with coverage below)

        This page will serve as the entrance point to the Map and Railfan Info Pages. The set-up for these pages will follow an organization based on individual subdivisions of the UPRR and BNSF. Subdivisions for the UPRR that are or will soon be covered:  Mojave, Cima, Caliente, Lyndyll, and Evanston Subs. Subdivisions for the BNSF that are or will soon be covered:  Gallup, Seligman, Needles and Cajon Subs.  Other subs may in time be added, but for now this is it.
        Information for the map pages is gleaned from several sources, including, but not limited to: Delorme's Street Atlas 7.0, Delorme's Topo Map 3.0, Altamont Press Timetables, and in many instances extensive field work by yours truly.  All info located within these pages is for your personal enjoyment and enrichment. I make no guarantees of the accuracy of the information, though I do strive to be as accurate as possible.
        Remember many places listed here are on or near PRIVATE  property. At a minimum, the railroad usually owns 100 feet on either side of the tracks.  I DO NOT condone trespassing of any kind, therefore ALL information is used at your own discretion and risk. Please be considerate of the railroads, and make it possible for future railfans to enjoy these same areas also.
        Finally, please remember that these machines are VERY BIG and VERY POWERFUL with long stopping distances. NEVER stand on the tracks, switches, or sidings... and please have 20 feet of clearance at a minimum. (and even that is pushing it.) Ever see any derailment pictures? The locomotives and cars are usually hundreds of feet from the main line. Need I say more?  Being foolish around trains can be very dangerous, and possible very deadly. Do I really need to remind anyone of this!?!

        Check out my Desert Railfan Guide: This is a summary of suggestions and supplies you can expect to need while railfanning the southwestern deserts. This is a must read, especially for first time visitors to the desert.

        Here's the latest addition: My Railfan Weather page. Averages, current conditions and links to my favorite weather forecasting sites.
        Finally, if you find I've given any bad info, please write me with the corrections. I'll be sure to credit you for catching my faux pas!

States that have coverage inside these pages




BNSF Subdivisions

Needles Subdivision: Barstow, CA to Needles, CA

Seligman Subdivision: Needles, CA to Winslow, AZ

Gallup Sub...planned (Winslow, AZ to Belen NM)

Mojave Sub...Planned (Barstow, CA to Bakersfield, CA)

UPRR Subdivisions

Cima Sub: Las Vegas, NV to Yermo, CA...added 12-22-2003

Caliente Sub: Milford, UT to Las Vegas, NV...added 2-2-2004

(Map and general info only. Detailed location info planned for the future.)

Lyndyll Sub: Salt Lake City, UT to Milford, UT...added 2-5-2004

(Map and general info only. Detailed location info planned for the future.)

Evanston Sub:  Green River, WY to Ogden, UT... added 2-5-2004

(Map and general info only. Detailed location info planned for the future.)

Mojave Sub...planned (West Colton, CA to Bakersfield, CA)


Caliente, CA and Bealville, CA  Map and Information Added 12-17-00 (Tehachapi Area / UP's Mojave Sub)

Tehachapi Loop, CA  Map and Information Added 1-27-01 (Tehachapi Area / UP's Mojave Sub)

Meadow Valley Wash, NV  Map and Information Updated 11-13-2001 ( North of Vegas / UP's Caliente Sub)

Las Vegas, NV ( North )  Map and Information  Added 6-10-2001 (UP's Caliente Sub)

Las Vegas, NV ( South )  Map and Information  Added 6-17-2001 (UP's Cima Sub)

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