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Union Pacific's Evanston Subdivision Page: Wyoming Segment: Evanston, WY to Green River, WY  

Union Pacific's Evanston Subdivision
Wyoming Segment: Green River, WY to Evanston, WY
Updated 08-21-2003  Current Picture Count = 04

        This section of the Evanston Sub is a bit more difficult to explore, but filled with it own spectacular beauty and stunning vistas. I-80 will anchor your exploration and many side roads, both paved and dirt will get you trackside. The area between Granger and Green River will sport more trains, somewhere to the tune of 20-25 that take the cut-off at Granger Jct. Green River has one of the most stunning stations I've seen and a great bridge just to the west that affords some spectacular views  of it and the yard.

        If you like wide open looks and great backdrops then western Wyoming is for you. Follow the UP here and explore a bit and you are likely going to find rarely visited locations (at least when it comes to railfans.) For example, there are the Altamont and Aspen Tunnels. At 6706' and 5941' respectively, they provide a nice location to watch and photo trains. Loneliness is the rule here and you'll need to come prepared for the added desolation. IE bring lunch. It can be a long trip into town from some of the locations out here.

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Green River...MP 815.1

UP 6792  Green River, WY* UP 4488  Green River, WY*

Peru...MP 824.8

Bryan....MP 830.0

Stauffer....MP 834.1

Alchem...MP 834.9

Westvaco....MP 838.0

Granger....MP 846.5

Verne....MP 854.0

Hampton....MP 866.2

Carter....MP 875.4

Bridger....MP 885.6

Leroy....MP 890.5

Altamont / Aspen (Tunnels)...MP 904.8 / 900.1

Millis....MP 912.5

Evanston, WY...MP 917.2

UP 4405  Evanston, WYUP 4391  Evanston, WY

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