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Union Pacific's Evanston Subdivision: Utah Segment: Ogden, UT to Wahsatch, UT
Union Pacific's Evanston Subdivision
Utah Segment: Wahsatch, UT  to Ogden, UT

Updated 01/04/2008 Current Picture Count = 79

        The Utah portion of the Evanston Sub is dotted  with stunning mountains and green fields, and is highlighted by the cliffs of Echo Canyon. One of the more awe inspiring locations in the west, this short section of the Evanston Sub is packed full of some gorgeous scenery and will make any railfanning trip one to remember.  As part of UP's main east west route, also known as the Overland Route, it sees a fair amount of traffic headed to and from the west coast of the US. With a little work, a full gas tank, and plenty of memory, you'll fill card after card with some of the best images you'll find anywhere.

        Access along the route is only so-so. The initial areas out of Ogden are a bit harder to reach as the railroad paces along beside I-84, and access is limited to the many pull outs and exit ramps. When you get toward Henefer and Echo, there are paved side roads that keep you much closer to the action. You'll rejoin I-80 after a bit and the tracks will disappear from view for many of the remaining miles in the state. Again a little work and some hiking can make up for locations where a car might not be able to go.

        Click on a Thumbnail to View larger image. * after thumbnail denotes image added at latest update given above. All Images Copyright, Use for profit by permission only. Follow this link to the Wyoming section of the Evanston Sub.

Wahsatch...MP 927.1

UP 4547  Wahsatch, UT UP 1996  Wahsatch, UT*UP 5125 Wahsatch, UT*UP 5125 Wahsatch, UT*

Curvo...MP 930.5 None So Far

Castle Rock...MP 936.2

UP 1996 Castle Rock, UT*UP 4939 Castle Rock, UT*UP 9289 Castle Rock, UT*Amtrak 196 Castle Rock, UT*Amtrak 196 Castle Rock, UT*UP 6734 Castle Rock, UT*UP 4526  Curvo, UT UP 4409 Castle Rock, UT

Emory...MP 943.0

UP 4390  Emory, UTUP 4409 Emory, UT UP 4607  Emory, UT

Baskin...MP 947.9

UP 8197  Baskin, UTAmtk 196  Baskin, UT*UP 4427  Baskin, UT*UP 5163 Baskin, UT*UP 5445 Baskin, UT*UP 5476 Baskin, UT*

Echo...MP 952.7

UP 4547  Echo, UTUP 9679  Echo, UTUP 4121  Echo, UTUP   Echo, UTUP   Echo, UTUP 3456  Echo, UTUP 3456  Echo, UTUP 4490  Echo, UTUP 4490  Echo, UTUP 4490   Echo, UT


UP 8302  Henefer, UTUP 5123  Henefer, UTUP 3910  Henefer, UTUP 3937  Henefer , UT

Devil's Slide / Taggart ...MP 961.1

UP 4130  Taggart, UTUP 4291  Taggart, UTUP 8302  Taggat, UTUP 5030  Taggart, UTUP 4432  Taggart, UTUP 4432  Taggart, UTUP 4607  Taggart, UT

Morgan...MP 968.0

Amttrak 186   Morgan, UT*UP 3896  Morgan, UT*UP 7614  Morgan, UT*UP 7614  Morgan, UT*UP 7614  Morgan, UT*UP 5030  Morgan, UTUP 3937  Morgan, UT

Peterson - MP 975.4

 Amtrak 196  Strawberry, UT*UP 3896  Strawberry, UT*UP 4900  Strawberry, UT*UP 5023  Strawberry, UT*UP 5395  Strawberry, UT*UP 6641  Strawberry, UT*UP 8391  Strawberry, UT*UP 8442   Strawberry, UT*UP 8442   Strawberry, UT*UP 8418   Strawberry, UT*

Strawberry...MP 977.7

 UP 7685  Strawberry, UT*UP 7614 Strawberry, UT*UP 5286  Strawberry, UT*UP 4202  Strawberry, UT*UP 7261  Strawberry, UTUP 4184  Strawberry, UT

Weber Canyon (Not an official UP station)



Uintah - MP 984.7  

Amtrak 186 Uintah, UT*UP 2178  Uintah, UT*UP 4089  Uintah, UT*UP 5015  Uintah, UT*UP 5331 Uintah, UT*UP 5481 Uintah, UT*UP 6641 Uintah, UT*UP 7032 Uintah, UT*UP 7605 Uintah, UT*UP 8351 Uintah, UT*UP3887  Uintah, UTUP 4184  Uintah, UTUP 4184  Weber Cyn, UT

Riverdale - MP 989.7

Ogden Yards @ Riverdale, UT

Ogden - MP 993.0 None So Far...


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