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#561, 566, 568, 577, 
23561, 23568




ACTIVATION:  Push Button

INTERFACE REQUIRED: Manual push button 

ACTION PERFORMED: When button is pushed a sound emanates from the billboard. The whistle billboard is a motorized blade turning inside a housing behind the sign. The diesel horn is a speaker running on AC which causes a buzzing sound representing a diesel horn. The bill boards were comprised of many different pictures such as steam, diesel, or both steam and diesel, the Barnum and Bailey circus, or typewriters. 


#561 (1955-56) Billboard horn w/ white frame & green base
#566 (1951-55) Whistling billboard white frame
#568 (1956) Whistling billboard black base
#577 (1946-47) Whistling billboard green base (circus theme)
#577 (1950) Whistling billboard green base (dual trains theme)
#577 (1947) Whistling billboard green base (Fox Mart train set)

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