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To contact Webmaster, President, or both;
Select a link below

The links below will create a form using your default e-mail program addressing the recipients. 

Changes in information will go directly to the webmaster, while requests for

removal of pages or additions of pages will go directly to the club president to be voted on by BSG membership. 

Club President will contact webmaster after meeting date with results of the membership vote.

Please be thorough on your detail in event you can not be in attendance at the next meeting.


<<< Information on Badgerland S-Gaugers or BSG S-Fest Items >>>

Use for direct contact to the Club President. Use for questions on S-Fest car availability, remaining cars from previous events, Club membership questions, or General club questions. E-mail Goes directly to the club president for response.


<<< Change of Information on a Web-page >>>

Use for changes in information currently on the web pages. Goes directly to the webmaster for updating. Great for event cancellations, additions, date or location changes. Also great form for changes in pictures of your posted layouts. Just attach the pictures or video to the email.


<<< Regarding Removal or Addition of a Web-page >>>

Use for major changes in the web pages like removal of pages that the member does not feel is appropriate. The request will be submitted to the Badgerland Club President for review at the next meeting. Please be thorough in your explanation on reasoning in event that you can not attend the meeting to express your concerns. The club membership can review the request and decide if it is appropriate for the change. Form can also be used for pages that the member would like to add to the BSG web. CC of the request will also be sent to the webmaster. 





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