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ACTIVATION:  Single or double push button

INTERFACE REQUIRED: junk pile & track nearby

ACTION PERFORMED: When activation button is pushed the crane swings to the side. in doing so, the cord that holds the magnet is extended allowing the magnet to reach to the ground. Second button is pushed (583A) to activate magnet (automatic on 583) and crane swings back to front. As it is swinging the cord is pulled fro the boom raising the magnet. When the boom reaches the front, button is released and the metal payload is dropped into a waiting gondola. 

AC Gilbert preferred the erector set girders as the scrap pile but we think he was biased.

#583 (1948-49) Single button activation
#583A (1950-53) Double button controller. Black deck and boom.
#906 (1954) Gray or blue base
#583A (2000+) Lionel reissue

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