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#751, 751A




ACTIVATION:  Push Button

INTERFACE REQUIRED: Manual pushbutton and action log car or gondola

ACTION PERFORMED: Position awaiting log car in front of the loader and push the button. Logs roll down from the back of the unit to the lifting bars in the top center of the base. The lifting bars raise and a single log from the pile is raised for picking. The manned gantry loader comes down from over the car and puts its hooks under the log. The rest supports then drop out of the way and the gantry loader moves the log up the incline to a place over a waiting freight car. When the gantry gets to the top, the hooks swing out and the log is dropped on to the car below. The procedure begins all over again.   


#751 (1946-50) Log loader green super structure
#751A (1952-53) Log Loader Steel Base

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