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ACTIVATION: Push Button switch
COMPOSITION: Metal construction. plastic on reissue.

INTERFACE REQUIRED: Isolated section of track in front of station. Fiber pins usually used on each end of rail on one rail only Push button to start sequence. Train is activated automatically after sequence is completed

ACTION PERFORMED: Train stops on dead section of track in front of station when sequence button is pressed dropping power to the rail. The train remains there until the sequence button is pressed again. Activation begins a mechanical timer that plays a recording of the station master calling for "all aboard" along with the destinations and the sound of the train departure. When the sequence is complete, power is applied to the rails and the train moves along it's way. Recordings of steam or diesel were available.

755: (1948-1950) Talking Station with red and white building. Green roof or Blue roof variations
573: (?) Talking station record)
598: (1946-1956) Talking station record
599: (1956) Talking station record
755 (2000+) Lionel reissue with modern recording technology. Standard classic message or record your own. Comes with a microphone to record or announce. 

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