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Cajon Pass Group Homepage
Cajon Pass Group Homepage

The Cajon Pass Group gathers people interested in that part of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway that goes from San Bernardino to Devore, and the Union Pacific Railroad between West Colton and Palmdale. This area of the Transverse Mountain Range in Southern California is known as the Cajon Pass. The Cajon Pass Discussion Group is an online discussion for persons involved in the Cajon Pass Group.

Our purpose is to pool our resources and our research efforts and to share information among those of us who are interested in modeling Cajon Pass or who want to help preserve the railroad history of that area. Here you'll find a brief history of Cajon Pass, Group resources, a Railfanning Guide, Railfanning Guidelines, maps, radio scanning frequencies, plus current traffic and weather conditions. These can be accessed by clocking on the appropriate buttons at the left.

Our group owes its success to the hard work and dedication of its members, but especially to our founder, John Thompson. For a brief history of our group, please visit this site.

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