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     C&I Photos


If you have some C&I photos you'd like to have displayed on this site, I'd be glad to include them. e-mail

Photo circa 1971. Taken at Colver. Photographer unknown. Bought this photo on eBay from Charles Houser, Macungie, PA. Thanks, Charles!

There are more old caboose photos at the bottom of this page.


Click on the photo to see a much larger version of #20. Date and photographer unknown.


Click on the above photo to see a full-sized picture of the specially painted C&I bicentennial train. This photo by G.G. Haines is part of a collection at


- EMD Photo             

C&I 31, an SW-9 purchased new from EMD, 7/51. One of the first two diesels purchased by the C&I.

Below are two photos taken at Colver in the early 1960s of SW-9s in the original paint scheme:


Hopper 1776 in the bicentennial paint scheme:


Here are some photos sent to me from Amy Confer. Her grandfather worked for the C&I.

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scenes around the shops and yard at Colver


steam era photos

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service facility at Revloc

C&I photos by Mark Anderson

Here's a picture of an old caboose which sits near the train station in Johnstown, PA. It is marked as C&I 13:


The other side of the caboose has no markings on it.

For many years, it sat at the point park behind Point Stadium in the yellow and black C&I scheme. Many years of weathering deteriorated the caboose. It was removed from the Point and relocated beside the train station parking lot. The faded paint job it has now may be in deference to its current location - beside the former PRR mainline and station. No cars that were used on the C&I ever carried this particular paint scheme. This caboose was made in the style of a PRR N-5 caboose. Notice the differences between it and the following:

- photo by John Benson                            

Cabooses 55 and 56 were manufactured by Morrison International of Kenton, Ohio. The above prototype photo came from the web site of KATO USA, a fine manufacturer of N-scale model railroad equipment. (Too bad they haven't yet made an N-scale model of a C&I caboose!) This photo was taken in Colver.


Here are some more old caboose photos, sent to me by Roger Kirkpatrick:

Former C&I/PC&Y 36. Located in Kinsman, OH. Thanks, Roger!

John Mori contributed the following two pictures. His great uncles are in the second photo: