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Scenes along the line

    Scenes along (and off) the line

A big THANK YOU to Keith Burkey for this shot. This is .9 miles from the interchange with the CT&D at Manver at the north end of the line.



This old telephone booth used to sit along the line in Revloc. Now it's used at a ball field in Ebensburg. Actually, it only moved a couple miles down the line as the old Memorial Field is located right next to the tracks.


white mill

This was taken at a location north of Adele Crossing on the C&I main line, near milepost 6. That blur that looks like fog or smoke is because of a cheap camera! (I took all of the photos on this page except for the Pine Flats photo at the top.)


Looking through the trees, you can see the north branch of the Blacklick Creek, which is picturesque and stocked with trout north of US Route 422. This was also taken near milepost 6. You can see a rail in the foreground.



this scene is just west of the SR4001 crossing at Klines, photo taken @ 1991. Notice the weeds coming up through the tracks - these rails haven't seen a train since the Barnes and Tucker mine at Stiles closed in 1985. The track here was taken up in 1995.


A little bit further down the line, heading north. You can see the long passing siding at this location, named Kline. This is just east of the Indiana-Cambria county line. On two occasions I saw bears while walking this section of track. Notice the dead trees in the middle of the picture - that area is flooded by a beaver dam.


The back of this sign has a black background with gold lettering.


On the opposite side of the tracks, a beaver dam and pond could be seen at the time this photo was taken. The pond extended under the bridge and covered a large area on both sides of the railroad. Just like the tracks, the pond is gone now and the beavers have moved on; their dam was breached by severe winter weather and flooding a year or two after this photo was taken.