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The Cleveland and Eastern Interurban Historical Society and Museum
P.O. Box 34 - Chardon, Ohio 44024

A Brief History in Photos

    In the late 1800's, the rolling hills of Geauga County were dotted with small farming communities linked by simple dirt roads. Most local travel was done either on foot or by horse and wagon, which posed many difficulties in periods of inclement weather. The Cleveland & Eastern was constructed to provide a more dependable form of transit for Geauga County's growing population. To learn more visit our Construction Photo Gallery.

    The Cleveland & Eastern, like most Electric Interurban Railways, required a variety of revenue producing equipment to meet the diverse needs of its' patrons, as well as specialized equipment to keep the line running smoothly. Visit our  Roster Photo Gallery  to learn more about the roster of equipment the line operated during its' brief existance.

    Although the sights and sounds of the sleek Interurbans, and indeed the rails themselves, vanished many years ago, evidence of their passage can still be seen in many places in Geauga County. Our  Then and Now Photo Gallery displays historical photos from our archives along with contemporary photos taken in the same locales.

Watch for future updates as we expand our photo archive project.

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UPDATED 12/27/2021