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2324c&o Chesepeake & Ohio U23B #2324...
The C&O bought 30 U23B's in 1969.  These units came in the blue paint scheme you see below.  Most, if not all, were painted into Chessie colors in the Chessie Era.  See my Atlas U23B page for more info on these units.

My U23B is an Atlas model that came without a road number.  I chose 2324 since it was even and I could not find a picture of it in Chessie colors.  2324 may have made it though the entire Chessie Era looking like this, I don't have any evidence to the contrary.  The following were definetly painted in Chessie colors, 2300-2306, 2308-2311, 2313-2315, 2318-2323, and 2325-2329.  That leaves 2307, 2312, 2316, 2317, and 2324 as the only ones that could have never seen Chessie paint.  Since I use odd numbers for unpowered units and evens for powered units that really leaves me with 2312, 2316, and 2324 as possibilities.  I chose 2324 since it has good weathering and would make a good model.  Notice how the GE units paint peeled.  The area right behind the big "C&O" on the side always looked horrible on these units regardless of Chessie or predecessor paint.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real #2324.  This unit was sold to the Seaboard System and traded in on an order of B36-7's in 1985.  It has since been scrapped.

Below are pics of my #2324.  Enjoy.

Here is a starting pic.  This is how it looks right out of the box.

Below is my finished #2324.  To see how I finished this locomotive click on the link above.