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3301cs-c&o Chessie System C&O U30C #3301...
The C&O purchased two small orders of U30C's in 1967-68.  At just 13 total units, there weren't too common.  These units were unique in that some ran on GSC trucks, others on Adirondack trucks.  See Athearn U-30C page for more info on these units.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real #3301.  It was sold in 1985 to the Seaboard System and was scrapped shortly after.

My U30C is actually a U28C model that I have modified to be a U30C.  I added lots of details and Herald King decals.  Mine is also a "dummy" that means it doesn't have a motor in it and won't move on its own.  I make all of my "dummies" have odd road numbers, and powered units have even numbers.  This eliviates any question as to which run and which don't.

Here is a starting pic.

Below are my finished pics.