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36cs-wm Chessie System WM GP9 #36...
When the Chessie System was announced the Western Maryland began repainting some of their first generation GP7 and GP9s into the Chessie colors.  This brought on the only two digit locomotive numbers in the Chessie scheme.  WM GP7 #20 and GP9s #33,36,40 and 43 all got Chessie paint.  In 1975 all WM units were renumbered out of the two digit numbers.  #36 was renumbered #6411.

All WM GP9's were chopped nosed versions.  They originally came with high short hoods, but the WM cut that part off and put in a windshield for better visibility forward.  All got sinlge winshields except #25 that got a two piece windshield.

To see my GP9 project in work go to my Walthers GP9 page.

Below is a real pic of #36 and another of it wearing its #6411 number.  They are both Dean Heacock pics.

Below is a pic of my starting point, a Walthers GP9M kit lettered for the C&O.

Below are the finished pics of #36.