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3798wm Western Maryland GP40 #3798...
Western Maryland never purchased many units at a time.  This GP40 order was a total of 5 units, #3795-3799.  #3798 is the only one I know of that may not have gotten Chessie paint.  Since the Athearn GP40-2 model is so close to this order of GP40's, I chose to backdate a GP40-2 to a GP40.  I like the WM units alot, and I needed a Circus painted unit on the roster.  #3798 was a perfect choice.

For more information on how to backdate a GP40-2 to a WM GP40 try my "WM GP40" page.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of the real #3798.  This unit was purchased in August 1971 and was actually the next to last locomotive ever purchased by the Western Maryland.  All subsquent WM locomotives were purchased by the Chessie System and assigned to WM.

Below are pics of my #3798.  Enjoy.

Here is a starting pic.