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5961wm Western Maryland GP9 #5961...
#6961 was part of a 108 unit order of GP9s placed by the C&O in 1954 and 55.  5901-5919 are what is considered Phase I GP9s and the rest are Phase II.  #5961 therefore is a Phase II GP9.  It was transferred from the C&O to the WM in Dec 1976 and hastily relettered for the WM.  Since the unit was painted in the C&O blue and yellow scheme, the relettering created one of the few blue and yellow WM units.  To see my WM GP9 project check out my Front Range GP9 page.

Below is a Dean Heacock pic of #5961.

                                                       Dean Heacock photo

Below is a pic of the Front Range GP9 model I made into #5961.  It was originally decorated for the Pennsylvania RR.

Below are pics of the finished model.