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Chessie bought GP40-2's almost exclusively in the Chessie Era.  They purchased their first units at the same time the Chessie image was created, September 1972.  The first two Chessie units to show up were #1977 and #GM50.  The #1977 came delivered in the standard Chessie yellow/blue/vermillion scheme and GM50 came in a one of a kind all gold scheme.  It was painted all gold to commemorate General Motors 50th year anniversary.  (As a side note #1977 was numbered #1977 to commemorate the B&O's 150th anniversary which was in 1977.)  GM50 was assigned the last roster spot in the initial GP40-2 order (#4100-4164).

Athearn's GP40-2 is a great starting point.  See my "GM50-one of a kind" page for more details on how to build the kit.

Below are Dean Heacock pics of #GM50.  This unit was repainted in August 1984 into a standard Chessie paint scheme and renumbered #4164.  It carried that number for a few years and was repainted into the CSX paint scheme and renumbered again to #6063.  #6063 is still out there, I have seen pics of this unit with the paint peeling and the old gold paint showing through.  This unit has been earmarked to be given to the Smithsonian Institution apon retirement.

Below are pics of my Athearn GM50.  It has Herald King decals and lots of detail parts.  No Chessie layout can be considered complete without this flagship locomotive.

Here is a starting pic.

Here is what it looks like done.