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Reworking a Bachmann Quasi-Reefer Reworking a Bachmann "Quasi-Reefer"...
Well, I got around to changing the old horn and hook coulplers off my Bachmann "Quasi-Reefers" and realized that they needed reworking.  I had a set of Herald King decals to do a B&O yellow sided boxcar and noticed that the Bachmann kit is a fairly close match.

Below is an actual pic of the class of car, but with a slightly older paint job.  The paint job that the Herald King decal set makes has the more modern font for the road number and has the Capitol Dome on the right side not the billboard "B&O" letters.

                                                                                                                    (Greg Dickinson Photo)

How to:
1.  Get a horribly inaccurate Bachmann kit and try to make a decent stand-in of it.  See my Bachmann Quasi-Reefer tip page for how to do this.  Realize that the stand-in needs to be reworked, because it is not up to standards.  Remove the trucks and couplers.  ((Some of these cars came with truck mounted couplers.  If this is the case with your car.  Trim off the coupler and attach a Kaydee coupler boxes to the bottom of the car.  Use Kaydee #5 couplers))
2.  Strip the sides with Polly Scale Easy Lift Off (ELO).  Cover the sides with ELO using a Q-tip.  Let sit for 15 minutes.  Remove the softened paint with an old tooth brush.
3.  Rinse the sides with warm soapy water and a soft brush.
4.  Paint the sides UP Armor Yellow.
5.  Using masking tape, mask off the yellow sides, leaving the ends and doors exposed.  Paint these areas C&O Enchantment Blue.
6.  Using masking tape again, tape off around the sides, leaving the roof exposed.  Paint the roof Flat Aluminum or any other silver color you find.
7.  Spray the sides and ends of the car with gloss coat.  Decal with Herald King B-563 decals.
8.  Seal the decals with dull coat.
9.  Weather the car with washes of rust colors on the roof.  When dry, dry brush with light grey and white.  Overspray the sides with roof brown and black.
10.  You are done, enjoy your reworked reefer.  This car now looks much better than it did coming out of the box.

Below is what the kit looked like after I tried to make a decent stand-in for a Chessie reefer.  To say the least, I was not happy with the original markings of the car.  I finally decided to rework this car and bring it up to the standard level of detail my other cars are at.

Below the sides have been stripped.  Some of the weathering is still visible in the ladder, but painting it yellow will hide that.  Also, note how the ELO left some white spots on the roof.  I will be painting the door blue anyway, so painting the roof again is no problem.

Below is a shot of the car with sides painted UP Armor Yellow.

Below is a shot of the car with the doors and ends painted blue.  Painting the roof silver is next.

Below is the car with the roof painted flat aluminum (i.e.-silver)

Below is the car decaled and ready for weathering.

Below is the finished car ready to earn its keep.