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Walthers GP15T-2 Review Walthers GP15T...
Walthers makes a GP15T model.  It is not all that good, but for a basic kit for a very cheap price it is a fair purchase.  I got mine as a Christmas gift, but they run around $20-30.  I wouldn't suggest buying one if you want to be prototypical for the East End.  GP15T's tended to congregate around Chicago.  Once in a blue moon they would wander over to Cumberland, but they were not everyday sights.  I would plan on building only one if you are modeling anywhere besides Chicago.

The GP15T is a unique engine to Chessie.  It is a very small locomotive compared to everything else Chessie was buying at the time.  It is also the only Chessie locomotive to have the small "Chessie System" on the long hood.  Notice the "C" does not hit the orange stripe.  Only GP15T's were this way, they were too small for the regular logo to fit.  Chessie owned 25 of these type.  They all were delivered in the Chessie paint scheme and numbered 1500-1524.  The Walthers kit has a number of problems that you may or may not want to fix.  If I had to put a number on it, I would say this kit is 80% accurate, just barely good enough to run.

As for the problems, the paint job stinks.  The yellow is a lemon yellow not golden yellow.  The orange stripe is almost neon orange not orangish red like it should be.  The handrails are black not orange like they should be.  The wheels, trucks, and fuel tank are black not blue like they should be.  There is no bell included.  There is one half way down the long hood on the right side of the real locomotive.  There is no slotted battery box, all of these came with the slotted battery box when delivered.   Some of the doors are wrong too, but to fix that would be a major pain.

Below is a pic of the real thing.  It is a Dean Heacock pic.

Below is one pic of the Walthers GP15T right out of the box and one finished.  Look at the Walthers GP15T tips page for a "how to" article on improving this kit.  For even more info on GP15T's look on my 1520cs-c&o locomotive page.