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The Concord Model Railroad Club invites you to share pictures of model trains, and other railroad subjects. We are most interested in pictures taken of CMRC modules, or pictures taken during CMRC events.  Email the webmaster if you have something to share.

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25th Annual Show Car

To make our 25th Annual Show something special, we are releasing a special edition boxcar. Here is shot of the actual car, spotted at Door 3 of a distribution center on Rich's layout.

Conrail 6895 pulls into the West Franklin passenger station on newly laid track. Contruction and scenery continues on the new sectional layout. Mainline track is laid through Frankline, and up the grade toward Potter Place and Cannan.
[North Penacook]
Here is the new "North Penacook" module.  The module is constructed from 3/8" plywood, corner brackets (that also hold the 1 1/4" wood dowel legs), and plywood cross braces. The foam is cut to fit, then glued in place with "Liquid-Nails for Projects".  The cork roadbed is also glued down with the same.

The highlights of this module will be the Stratton Flour Mill, the two bridges over the the Contoocook River, and the Hanna Dustin monument.

This is a photo of the plywood box holds one of the Club's AC power transformer, DCC booster, and DCC command station. There is a second box, identical, except it does not have a command station. The top mounted handles makes it easy to carry both units at once.  All the DCC throttles, and associated cables are packed in a separate container. The CMRC uses a North Coast Engineering DCC system, and has upgraded to wireless throttles. See Basic Setup for how we setup at a show.

The older SystemOne, although still working, has been retired to just programming purposes.

[BMRRHS Layout Photo]
During the spring of 2003, the Concord Model Railroad Club built a 12" x 4" layout for the Boston and Maine Railroad Historical Society.  This layout has double track mainline, and a switching branch line.  Three trains can be running continuously.  For scenery, the layout is divided into two sections.  Pictured to the left is the "New England Millyard", with brick mill buildings, canal, and passenger station.  The other end of the layout has a brick and concrete frieght house, roundhouse and turntable, and a small yard. This project was a good chance to try some new construction techniques.

Jon Miner's B&M GP-7 #1728, an Athearn model, sits outside the Concord roundhouse.  The roundhouse was painted and weathered by club member Rick Maxwell.  Rick's technique involved painting all the brick, then using a light wash of a morter-colored paint to highlight the area between the brickwork. By utilizing everyone's talents, the club suceeds as a whole, and everyone's own knowledge is enhanced.
[BM 1728]