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12th street tracks
12th and Harrison Street tracks

     Another set of tracks to disappear recently is the 12th Street spur that ran from Treat Ave.( branching off from the original mainline) to Kissling St. (between Folsom and Howard). The line was probably used by the Ocean Shore Railroad until the early '20's, running all the way down to 12th and Mission Streets. Southern Pacific took it from there and used it as a switching spur to service some of the local industries along 12th Street. On this page, you will find four pictures that I took in 1996 of 12th Street while the tracks were still in place. They were finally removed in September of '98. Notice the cobblestones used as pavers next to the rails. This is a very rare sight these days; most street trackage in San Francisco was once paved in this manner.
     If you have any photos of this street, especially while the line line was still in use, or have any info to add here, please email me.

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(From left)
 1.) Looking down 12th St. toward Folsom.
2.) On 12th Street looking at Harrison St. intersection. Building dead ahead
was built within the past 15 years after this line was severed.
3.) 12th St. and Isis.
4.) Another view down 12th St. toward Folsom.

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