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Oregon Wigwags

Hornbrook, Ca.
(This has been filed under "Oregon" because it's the
southern-most wigwag on the CORP Siskiyou Line)
Although technically in California, this wigwag is so close to the Oregon border that we'll just call it "Oregon". It is located on Ager-Beswick road, just south of Hornbrook. See map (ignore the "x" on the map)

View from main road.

Looking north.

Looking up.

Action shot by Larry Tuttle on Jan. 20, 2001


Ted Weldon catches it in action in 1999 as the southbound
Black Butte Hauler approaches.

To see an animated gif image of this wigwag in action, check out the "what's new" page. Ted Weldon gives us directions to this wigwag:

Get off the hornbook exit of I5, take the road going to Iron Gate Lake, turn off the road on the first bridge over the Klamath River at Klamathon, take this road about 6 clicks to Ager Beswick road on the left. The wigwag is right in front of you.


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