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California's Central Valley

Located on East E St. in downtown Oakdale, this wigwag stands on what little is left of the old SP Oakdale Branch.
There is one remaining shipper north of this wigwag, and as of 2017, likely gets little or no service.
David Epling provides some additional  info on the Oakdale Branch, " is located on the east side of the SP's Former Oakdale Branch.
The Branch itself is gone between the Stanislaus River and Stockton, UP still serves the large AC Gilbert plant just to the right of the photo,
they reach it via trackage rights over the BNSF between Stockton and Riverbank, and then up the BNSF Riverbank Branch to Oakdale.
UP works Oakdale 6 times a week with anywhere from 10-20 cars.
" (2000)

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Oakdale wigwag as it appears in 2017

Nice silhouette

Detail of front side. This one has a "Van Dyke" replacement banner.
Above three photos by Scott Thomas - 2017

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Photo by Lorenzo Boido (2006)

 From 1999...
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Above 3 photos by Scott Thomas (1999)
Note the elbow curve near the bottom of the cantilever. This is an older cantilever, as the newer ones were straight and bisected the mast at an angle. These are fairly rare to find now. The banner on this one has been replaced with a reproduction, "Van Dyke" banner. Most of these came with the rubber "flex pipe" as ordered by SP in the early 90s.

(From the past)

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This wigwag guarded the entrance to the police station on K St. Another typical Santa Fe design, this was located on the BNSF line.
Also notice the electronic bell on top of the pole. Wigwag removed in 2000 as this crossing was closed.

Larry Granfield photo. 11/3/99

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