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Exeter Branch wigwags  
Exeter Branch Wigwags

There are 3 wigwags remaining on the ex-SP Exeter Branch. One in Fresno, one in Sanger and one in Lindsay.
The Exeter Branch is now operated by the San Joaquin Railroad.
This page also includes the wigwags that were retired since 2000 (1 at Sanger/Locans and 2 in Reedley).
For other Central Valley wigwags, see the links below, organized by branch.

7th St.

There is one remaining wigwag in Sanger. It is located at 7th Street. The three photos below were taken by Scott Thomas
in 2017, showing the major modifications that were made by SJVR sometime in 2015 or 2016.
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Only other place I've seen this is in Niles Canyon (minus the e-bell).
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Close up showing the e-bell.

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New plastic conduit was added, likely to rewire the signal for
the e-bell and lights that were added. (3 photos by Scott Thomas - 2017)

From 1999...
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This picture was shot in 1999 in Sanger CA in the downtown area a block from Academy Ave.  A nice example of an all original Magnetic Signal Company wigwag.

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Both photos - Ernest Sanchez - August, 1999

Locan Rd.
This wigwag was stolen during the weekend of 11/12/05. The motor box and banner were taken.
It was converted to a highway flasher and still retains original the Railroad Supply case from the wigwag.

Scott Thomas photo - 2017

As it looked before the 2005 theft...
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(from 1999) This one was located between Fresno and Sanger on S. Locan Rd. Nice, timeless setting for this one. Notice the rare Railroad Supply Company base.
These actually pre-date the Magnetic Signal Company. This wigwag retains its original banner witho
ut the rubber hose modification. A rare sight these days!

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Above 2 photos taken 1999 by Ernest Sanchez

From 2005, shortely after the theft...
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This is the result of the theft. Temporary flasher  built  on what was left of the wigwag. The
job was later finished with bell and crossbuck.
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These 2 photos by Gary Pederson (2005)

Van Ness Ave.

Back in Fresno you'll find this one located at Van Ness and California Aves. (almost sounds like San Francisco!)
Two sets of crossbucks have been added.

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Scott Thomas sends in these updated photos from May, 2017. Looks
mostly unchanged from the 2015 photo below.

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From 2015...

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Photo by Bill Steck - 2015

Bill Steck provided this link to his Youtube Video from 2014.

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Notice Union Switch & Signal Relay case and absence of Magnetic Signal Co. base.
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These 2 photos by Ernest Sanchez - 1999

A video of this signal was posted to YouTube by RichardRailrod-
click on logo to view:

These two wigwags were removed in Dec. 2001...
The following is from 2002...
"Both wigwags are now gone, replaced by several very large cantilever 
crossing signals. The SJVRR and the city of Reedley have been upgrading the area along the old SP Exeter branch by replacing crossing signals, replacing the crossings themselves, and constructing a walking trail along some of the old industrial leads in downtown Reedley. I don't know the whereabouts of the removed signals but my guess is that the SJVRR took them. A very sad development, to say the least. The other signals in the immediate Fresno area, including Sanger and Locan Ave (now retired)., are in operating 
shape. The Locan Ave. signal has a nearby new(12/31/01) electrical meter installed .This might indicate a replacement of the wigwag or a more reliable power source for the crossing. We'll have to wait and see. I'll send pictures soon."

-Ernest Sanchez (1/02)

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This wigwag was located at 13th Ave. (mile post 230.0) in downtown Reedley (about 25 miles southeast of Fresno).
 Notice original Magnetic Signal Co. base.
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And just a few blocks away you'll find this one on 10th Ave (milepost 229.7).
Another nice original signal nearly identical to 13th Ave.
Photos taken 7/25/99

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All Reedley photos by Ernest Sanchez

Lewis St.

Lewis Street is pretty much the very end of the Exeter Branch. Track has been removed about a mile south of this location.
It does not appear that this last shipper is getting rail service as of 2017, and given it's current condition, it is likely
to be removed. We'll see...
Here are some photos from 2017 showing the damage that was likely caused by a truck that was servicing this facility.

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Scott Thomas - 2017
Lindsay has it's own page for more info and photos
including the three former ATSF wigwags.

Ernest Sanchez gives more info on the Exeter Branch:

Lindsay is on the former SP Exeter Branch at milepost 264.3. 
The Exeter Branch ran from Fresno 205.5 to Famoso 309.8 along the Eastside of  the of the lower San Joaquin Valley. The branch connects to the Fresno Line twenty miles north of Bakersfield. I hope there are still operating wigwags in some of the other cites around Lindsay.

Branchline info is from the Western Region Timetable, Southern Pacific Transportation Company, No. 2, Oct. 25, 1987.


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