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age of steam
Age of Steam

Age of Steam

The following pictures and text was contributed by Steve Crise:

The following wig wag and semaphore photos were shot at The Age of Steam 
Railroad Museum, 1105 Washington Street, Dallas, Texas. 75315. Web site 
address is, e-mail is Photos were take on March 21, 2001. I highly 
recommend a visit to this museum when visiting the Dallas area. Besides the 
signals on display the collection includes both steam and 1st and 2nd 
generation diesels. The highlights of the rolling stock collection for me was 
a UP "Big Boy" # 4018, another former UP locomotive # 6913, a DD40AX with 
dual 645's, and oddly enough a lone GG1 # 4903. Also in the works is AT&SF 
Interlocking Tower # 19. It was under construction while I was there so I did 
not get a peek inside (no matter how much I begged)! Unfortunately there is 
no info in the pamphlet the museum gave me on any of the signals so my 
information is limited in this regard. I almost forgot to mention the very 
cool steam whistle display at the museum. Operational only on the weekends ( 
I missed this too! ) are about a half a dozen steam whistles that are 
actually powered by live steam!  Patrons get to tug at the whistle cord of 
there choice to hear what a real steam train whistle sounded like. Try to 
plan your trip to visit the museum over the weekend so's not to miss out on 
Tower 19 and the working steam whistle display. Maybe the wig wags and 
semaphores work on the weekends too! 
Age of Steam
Age of Steam

Age of Steam
Age of Steam
Age of Steam

All photos by Steve Crise (6/01)

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