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Museum wigwags/Toledo
Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society
Toledo, Oregon

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Former McMinnville wigwag at the Toledo museum.
Photo by Erik Halstead (8/04)

One of the McMinnville wigwags is now on display the the Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society in Toledo. It looks very much the same as it did when it was still in service. Erik says in his letter that this was either the 1st St or 2nd St wigwag. I took a closer look at the photos on this site and am sure that this was the 1st St wigwag. It operates by a push button switch. Other equipment on display there include a Georgia Pacific steam locomotive, a SP boxcar, former SP RPO (lettered for the Willamette & Pacific RR), and a SP cupola caboose.

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1st St. wigwag as it was just placed out of service in July of 2001.
Photo by Erik Halstead (7/01)


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