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Wigwag Parts
Wigwag Parts

At this time, there are not too many parts available, but that's
starting to change. Listed below are some parts that have been
re-manufactured and have been made available. If you have any
wigwag parts that you would like to sell or trade off, let me know
and I'll add it to this page. Better yet, join the wigwag fan discussion
group and feel free to post your needs or surplus parts there. There is
a link on the main page of this site for joining the group.

-Stationary Contacts for Magnetic Flagman
-Ribbon Cables for Magnetic Flagman

Please contact me if you are looking for these parts. I have reproduced a number of them .

Plastic Banner lenses from General Signals

Jerrold Crawford tells us that General Signals still has a
supply of 6 3/8" plastic lenses. These are good for both
Magnetic Signal Company and Western RR Supply wigwag banners.
They cost about $20 and you will need to contact General Signals to order them.

Assorted Magnetic Signal Company wigwag parts..

-Upper quadrant counterweights
-Upper quadrant motor pedestals
-Signal split pole bases

Eddie Mooneyham
Magnetic Signal Co Parts
Blue Ridge, Va.
(540) 309-8611


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