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Running database of active wigwags.
Wigwags from the last 25 years (formerly "Surviving Wigwags)
Photo pages of surviving wigwags as well as wigwags that were in retired since  the 90s - organized by state.
Wigwag Photo Gallery
Wigwag photos from now and the past.   (new adds 2/8/17)
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Wigwag Fan on for discussing wigwags and other old signals.
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Wigwags on public display
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International Wigwags
Wigwags from around the world.
Related websites and some of my favorites.
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manuals, restoration tips.
Photos by other wigwag fans...
Historical Photos
Wigwag photos taken "back in the day".
Private Collections   (New entry! (6/25/17)
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Partial Wigwags
Remnants still surviving
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Wigwag crossing signals were built by at least three different manufacturers. The Magnetic Signal Company, Western Railroad Supply, and Union Switch and Signal. On the West Coast, the Magnetic Signal Company's "Magetic Flagman" was most commonly used. In the Midwest and parts of the East, Western Railroad Supply's "Autoflag" prevailed. The Union Switch and Signal "DW Automatic Flagman" was used by a few roads on the East Coast, but was pretty rare. Most wigwags were installed from the mid 1910's through the 1940's. By then, most states outlawed further installations. The pages ahead are meant to display photos of existing and recently removed wigwag signals and their locations.

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