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Private collections: Ty Henshaw
Ty Henshaw 
Big Bear, Ca.

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Photo by Ty Henshaw

Ty writes...
Both signals, I was told, came from the Southern Pacific. The Semaphore was serving in the Delano area prior to removal.  I have no idea where the wig wag served. The semaphore is fully functional and only sits on the motor box instead of the two stacked boxes commonly seen with these signals. 

The wig wag was in great shape and only required some painting and cleaning to get it working again.  The cantilever was purchased some years ago and the mast was purchased from my local pipe supplier.  The base is a regular Griswold signal base (not a rotating stop sign type). I figured this base is the next best thing since Griswold purchased the company at some point.  I am still on the hunt for the Magnetic Signal box base ideally - but those are hard to come by.

The Big Bear wig wag is controlled by my iPhone.  I use a small transformer for the power which is plugged into a WiOn (wifi controlled outlet).  The WiOn outlet has an app for the phones.  So not matter where I am, I can turn on the signal and give it some exercise. :)

Ty keeps a second wigwag in the garage. Here's a video of that one...
Notice that "Magnetic Flagman" is missing from the front casting. He says that the serial number is 255,
that's an early one!
The word "Patented" is below "Los Angeles", another casting difference from
the later wigwags.

Project photos
Style B case before sandblasting and powder coating.
After restoration, with mechanism.
Mechanism on the bench.
Wigwag motor box on the way to Big Bear.
Banner in the back seat.
Foundation form ready for concrete.
Mast after installation. Ty used a Griswold signal base.


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