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private collection wigwags
Private Collections
Here's your chance to show off that wigwag in your garage, backyard, front yard, bedroom, or wherever!

Please send me a few photos and tell us how you obtained it ( may not want to share that part!), a little history about it and any stories about the restoration process. You can scan and send pictures via email, or write me and we'll arrange a way to get them to me. Thanks for your help, I think this will become an interesting section on the site!

Dan Furtado


new Richard Rogers... Rogue River, Or.

Douglas Peterson... Lodi, Ca.

Norman Holmes... Portola, Ca.

Jerold Crawford...Tampa, Fl
5th page added! (2/09)

Rory Moore...Astoria, Oregon

Robert Lambrecht, Parkville, MO

Robert Jones...Sedalia, Mo

Mike Guss...South St. Paul, MN

Stan Praisewater...San Jose, Ca

Michael Davis...California

Chuck Wilson...Somerset, Ca

Daniel Dawdy...Bolingbrook, IL

David Seebach...Menomonee Falls, WI

Mark Slattery...Meridian, Ca.

Jim Bengert...Evansville, Ind.

Andy Saez...Durango, Colorado

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