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Private collections: Rory Moore
Rory Moore
Astoria, Or.

Rory sends us a photo of his new wigwag, which he has
beautifully restored. Rory Moore photo.

If you're wondering what ever happened to the Hugo wigwag, don't worry, it's in good hands. Here is the story that new owner Rory Moore sent:

"I purchased it from CORP in Roseberg, OR in first part of June this year from Rick Perry.  This wig wag came from 3 Pines Road in Hugo, OR.   I have restored it.  I had the unit completely sandblasted, primed with apoxy marine paint and finished with commercial aluminum paint.  I rewired for operation with a motion detector so when I drive in my drive way it turns on with bell and light.  My neighbor really like this as well as the school bus children as they drive by every morning.  The kids are asking questions, "What's a Wig Wag?"  It's great point of interest in my local community and a good landmark as I live out in the country."

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Seen here back in August, 1999. Rick Perry gives it a test run
a few years before it was retired in early 2003.
(Larry Tuttle photo)



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