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Private collections: Stan Praisewater
Stan Praisewater
San Jose, Ca.

Stan is an active railfan that resides in the San Francsisco Bay Area. He tells us more about himself...

"I was born in San Jose in 1948 and except for two years at Davis for graduate school, I have lived here all my life.  I am a Civil Engineer in private practice."

"My mother claims that my fascination for wig-wags began before I could talk.  It took her a while to figure out what excited me when we were driving about."

"In 1972 while at U. C. Davis, I became aware that wig-wags were fast disappearing so I wrote a letter to the Southern Pacific engineering department in Oakland.  They called my father and told him they had one and to come pick it up.  It was in my back yard when I came home for the weekend.  Talk about a surprise!"

"I have four children.  After them, my wig-wag is my love."

-Stan Praisewater 


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