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Private collections: Andy Saez
Andy Saez-Durango, Colorado

Now here's a backyard to really foam over! Andy Saez of Durango Colorado has been collecting some fine
Santa Fe memorabilia. He is retired from that road. His backyard includes a 1& 1/2 inch railroad, and
the three signals pictured below.

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The wigwag is a Santa Fe veteran as well, having served in Northern California. Andy acquired it about four years ago and
has it wired to operate as a train enters the track circuit. It protects his driveway.

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The semaphore (US&S T-2) was recently acquired from
Santa Fe. It was installed in 1926 near La Junta, CO.
It was number 594.2 which was located just
West of La Junta, CO. It was retired in July of '99.
The only change he made was to shorten it by 5 feet.
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He also has the train order board from the Pasadena
Depot that was removed in 1965. 



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