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Private collections: David Seebach
David Seebach...Menomonee Falls, WI

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David Seebach has a prestine example of a WRRS Harpes Wigwag on display in his yard.
He tells us more about it...

"In 1988, enroute from Milwaukee to the Twin Cities, I found three Wig Wags lying in the grassy weeds near the former Milwaukee Road depot in Portage, Wisconsin.  I asked some questions about them from a railroad employee, but was treated poorly.

I approached a nearby antique dealer on Wis Hwy 16 between Portage and Wisconsin Dells to act on my behalf and he obtained all three Wig Wags.  I bought the best of the three for $160 and restored it completely.  I have added crossbucks and a "2 Tracks" sign to it (both old with 'marbles').

It is fully operational in our side yard.  I have a bell, too, but just connect it to the DC power source by alligator clips so the Wig Wag can run silent as a favor to the neighbors.

I have seen another "private" Wig Wag along the old C&NW tracks north of Madison, Wisconsin, and a whole yard full of signals along US Hwy 12 near Niles, Michigan.  I stopped and introduced myself to the fellow there and he immediately sought out one of the other Wig Wags from the antique dealer here in Wisconsin."

photos by David Seebach  (9/00)


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