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Anaheim wigwag photo comparison:

Dave White provides the photo to the left (11/25/04). M S Co. photo on right from 1922.

It is thought that this wigwag was featured on page 4 of the 1922 Magnetic Signal Company catalogue.
A few things to note:
Palm trees to the left of both photos.
Second building to the right of MS Co. photo appears to be the building just behind the
white van in the left photo (remodeled facade?).

Detail Photos...

Construction along Santa Ana Street.

Dave White made a couple trips to Lemon Street during the week of November 22nd and took
several detail photos of this wigwag.

Not sure what these vent pipes are for, probably nothing to do with the wigwag.
Early cantilever. Support "L" bars take 
a 30 degree turn just before the mast.
Railroad Supply Company of Chicago box pre-dates the 
Magnetic Signal Company boxes.
A lot of construction in this neighborhood...

New signals set up for the project. Is Lemon Street next?

Photos by Dave White (11/04)