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Colton 9th and M
Colton 9th and O

This wigwag was removed on 2/25/19
UP has been upgrading the track
down Santa Ana St. and has set up new signals for this location.
This wigwag may have some historical interest as it is suspected
that it was featured in the 1922 catalogue for the Magnetic Signal Company.
Click here for side-by-side comparison of catalogue page and contemporary view
along with detail photos.

The Anaheim wigwag was finally removed on February 25, 2019. Mark Johnson sends these 3 photos
(taken by Todd Michel). I'll update the page when I find out where it's going.
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Being lifted from its foundation.
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Motor box and banner loaded on the flatbed.

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From the past...
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This wigwag stands at Santa Ana St. and Lemon St. in Anaheim along Union Pacific (former S.P.) street trackage on the Costa Mesa Branch.  The street trackage extends for about 4 miles and runs from West Anaheim Jct. to the Coors distributor west of Katella Ave.  This line runs through other Orange County cities finally terminating at the Los Angeles Times printing facility in Costa Mesa. The track is used twice daily (by the same train) to service industries along it.

Paul Krot sends in photos of this wigwag in action in August 2000...

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This wigwag was retired in 2017 when they removed the spur from 9th Street.
  According to Clifford Prather,These two signals are located on the UP Riverside Industrial Lead, formerly known as the Riverside Branch (SP). At one time this was part of a parellel set of tracks, used by both SP and Pacific Electric. Eventually one of the tracks was removed and shared by both SP and PE. The tracks run down the middle of 9th St.

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Photo by Steve Crise

Video posted on YouTube by RTD1 -
click on logo below:

9th and M Streets

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Here we see the wigwag located at 9th and M sts. This is obviously a Pacific Electric holdout...pole mounted and chances are that banner was once painted solid red. David Coscia photo. 8/99

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Same signal, closer view.
Paul Krot photo. 1/00

9th and O Streets
This signal was knocked over on 9/7/07.

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Photo by Dave Toussaint - 9/7/07

Please send an update if this signal is repaired or replaced.

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This one is located at 9th and O Sts. This is a very typical SP type wigwag.
It's not too often you see them installed on the other side of the xing, but once in a while it was done this way,
perhaps for better visibility from both directions.

Watch this wigwag in action -
Video posted by RTD1 on Youtube - click on logo below:

click to enlarge we hate to see our wigwags get modified! But then, it beats being replaced with a set of flashers. And yes, that's a new bell growing out of the side of it. Paul Krot sends in this photo, taken 12/99. This is the 9th and O St. wigwag.

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Close-up image sent in by Steve Crise shows banner detail.

New!...Detail shots of these wigwags can be seen here.

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Coast Line pt2

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