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Douglas Peterson Collection
Wigwag Photo Collection

Douglas Peterson
 Douglas Peterson has a collection of wigwag photos that goes back to the mid 1960's. While most of the photos were shot by him, he also includes a few from friend Jim Lekas. Most were taken in the Lodi, Ca. area on Southern Pacific's Lathrop Sub (Western Division). Included are several locomotive "rarities" that he and his friend captured during those years...
Photographer:  Jim Lekas
Date: July 17, 1965
Location: Lodi, Ca -  Kettleman Lane (now hwy 12)

Ex- D&RGW Krauss-Maffei hydro (SP got 6 of them). This is now a 4 lane underpass  for HWY 12.

Photographer: Jim Lekas
Date: April 4, 1966
Location: Lodi  -  Oak St.

ex-Rio Grande Krauss-Maffei hydro after repaint into SP livery. Trailed by F7B. Crossing has since been closed.

Photographer: Doug Peterson
Date: 1975
Location: Stockton - Hazelton Ave.

WP U-22-B 2259 doing what they did best - Smoke!

Photographer: Jim Lekas
Date: March 26, 1966.
Location: Lodi - Pine St

Alco DH-643 - SP 9152 -One of 3 delivered.

Photographer: Doug Peterson
Date: 1978
Location: Lodi - Elm St

One (of four) of those GE  TE70-4S "Popsicle" jobs.

Photographer: Doug Peterson
Date: 1988
Location: Placerville

Rare to find cast irons crossbucks anymore...

Photographer: Doug Peterson
Date: April 1976
Location: Lodi - Pine St

Near depot. Alco S-6 switcher.

Photographer: Doug Peterson
Date: 1980
Location: Lodi depot.

The depot has since been relocated 1/2 block south.

Photographer: Jim Lekas
Date: 1978
Location: Lodi - Walnut St (now closed)

SP SD40T-2 8364

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Doug also has a very cool signal collection in  his backyard.
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