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Private collections: Douglas Peterson
Douglas Peterson
Lodi, Ca.

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Driveway view showing the CCT wigwag and WP Greenville trainorder board. The
trainorder board was recently acquired by the Portola Railroad Museum and
will eventually be moved there. Photo by Douglas Peterson

Douglas Peterson of Lodi, Ca. has quite an amazing collection of not only wigwags, but many other antique signals and railroad equipment from Southern Pacific, Western Pacific and Santa Fe. Doug is a  longtime railfan and has been collecting signals for several years. In addition to signal equipment, he also has a collection of rolling stock!

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In the back yard we find the PFE ice reefer from 1957 and the WP 447 caboose.
Doug plans on painting the caboose soon. Note the SP  block indicator and
US&S Style B semaphore in the background.

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First wigwag...
This is thought to be from the Locust St SP crossing in Lodi. Note the "2 trains" light and the second banner. That is thought to be a wind stabilizer for windy areas. Some say they are for visibility, but  I''ve seen them painted silver before, which leads me to believe the wind stabilizer theory.
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Another view of same wigwag. Note the ATSF motorcar. MP "0" is from the WP where the Terminous 
Branch left the mainline, just east of Kingdon.
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This upper quadrant wigwag is from the Central Californial Traction Company and served time somewhere east of Lodi until around 1977.
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Another upper quadrant wigwag sprouting up in the back yard.
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This US&S Style B semaphore (complete with block indicator) comes from the SP Siskiyou line at milepost 411.1. This was located at the west end of the Siskiyou summit tunnel
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SP block indicator (aka "motorcar indicator").
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Another one pushing up through the bushes. Looks like there's power to these...
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This old WP crossbuck came from the Stockton waterfront area. It was liberated  from the dumps when the city was clearing out the streets there to redevelop the area.

Doug also has an interesting collection of local wigwag photos that he has either taken or collected.
You can see his photo collection here...

Photos by Douglas Peterson


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