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Erin Mills Model Railroad Club. Railroad Modeling

About the “N” SIG

N Scale is one of the smaller sizes of model railroads at 1:160th the size of the prototype. This allows for much more opportunity for operations, especially in limited spaces.

The Erin Mills Model Railroad Association N Scale SIG (Special Interest Group) or NSIG was formed to share our passion for N Scale model railroading, and to share knowledge and expertise amongst fellow members. Our members come from all parts of the Greater Toronto area including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville. We currently have over 20 active members, with about 30 NTrak or oNeTrak modules. In addition, many members have N Scale home layouts of their own.

Meetings are held once a month at member's homes on the 2nd to last Tuesday of every month, (a week before the general meeting) except during the summer. Being part of the larger EMMRA Club, we also attend the Club’s general meetings which occur on the last Tuesday of each month (except during summer).

We enjoy attending local and regional train shows to setup and show our modules as part of our larger NSIG layout. We try to attend at least four major train shows a year, as well as a number of regional shows with smaller module requirements.

N-Trak and oNe-Trak Modules

NTRAK modules are portable sections of track, usually 2 feet deep by 4 feet long all built to strict NTRAK specifications. oNeTRAK, which allows smaller, less expensive and easier to transport modules, are usually 1 foot deep by 4 feet long. Both module types are combined to make a large operating layout, primarily setup at train shows or can be displayed at shopping malls or other events.

Because of the modular design, our NTRAK/oNeTRAK layout at shows can be made to fit virtually any size space and in a variety of shapes. Members can select their module style(s), which allows them to express their creativity to provide a unique combination representing their particular style of railroad modeling. The results are unique - cities, towns, farms, factories, rivers, mountains, carnivals, freight yards and more!

The NSIG group owns one 12-foot yard (made up of 3 modules), four 3-foot corners, a 3-foot tee junction to interconnect the NTRAK and the oNeTRAK modules and several reversing loops, used for smaller shows, where there is a space limitation. Overall, when we setup our show-combined layout, there are over 30 NTRAK and oNeTRAK modules and the number continues to grow! The average size of our show modular layout is 32′ x 18′ and is limited in size only by the number and shape of our modules. We use Aristo-Craft radio control throttles on the Blue and Yellow lines and Digital Command Control to operate the Red line and the oNe-Trak extension.

T-Trak Modules

T-Trak modules have become a favorite of the N-Sig group in recent years. These modules are smaller and lighter than NTrak modules. This makes it easier to transport and carry into venues for regional shows.