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This page will allow the reader access to the scrapbook material by the contributor.

All copyrights remain with the original sources.  No permission is granted for further use with out their expressed consent.  Some contributors have sent me materials which fall within the 'fair use' conditions cited by the US Copyright laws.  I have chosen to use these materials under the belief that as this is a not for profit site my further use also falls within the 'fair use' conditions.  If the originator(s) of any materials object to this use, the materials cited by them will be removed.

I have pictures and other materials from:

Rick Baxter
Mauro Bottegal
'Eros' Chiero
Giulliamo Chittó
A. Raffaele Ciriello
Mike Cunningham (via "Eritrean Railway Pheonix")
Rob Dickinson
A.E.Durrant, A.A.Jorgensen, C.P.Lewis (via Steam in Africa)
Dave Engstrom
Eritrean Multimedia
Paolo Gadignani
Fred Gamst
Colin Garratt (via Legends of Steam)
Renato Gaudio
Dennis Horner
Patrick Horton
Italian School (via Asmara Style)
Tom Johnson
Eric Lafforgue
Bill Lowery
Mike Metras
Charles Moulton
JJ O'Conner
Mike O'Neill
Kristina Pålsson
Jerry Pry
Francesco Quaglio
C.S.Small (via Far Wheels and Far Wheels II)
Tommy Tolbert
Trains Magazine
Mebrat Tzehaie and Hans van der Splinter
Ed White
Michela Wrong
James L. Woodward
Joe Zeibel

and others as well as my own.

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Future plans for this page call for collecting the rest of the donor's pictures on  "personal pages."


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