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Please see our E-Mail address on the Schedule page.




We have unfortunately lost our lease for the space at 101 Granada Boulevard location in Sherwood Park.

Both layouts have gone into storage until such time as we can find a new space to set up in.


New Members wanted

LaBaJa and the Edmonton N-Scalers are always on the lookout for new members. If you have an interest in joining either layout, please email us the filled out application form or contact us using the contact information on the Schedule page or the e-mail button at the left.


Having an exhibition, fair or other activity?

Let us know and we can explore the possibility of displaying a layout at your event. (Use the contact information on the Schedule page or use the email button at left.)


Edmonton Society of Model Railroad Engineers


The Railroad Junction

Model Railroad Display



Canada's, and especially Western Canada's history is inextricably tied to the development of the railways. Built from wood, steel, sweat and blood, railways were instrumental in creating today's Canada.

These displays show railroading and model railroading in all its glory, from early steam to modern high power diesels.


Overall Layout Highlights

  • Both layouts can be disassembled, transported and reassembled in a matter of hours
  • Buildings are made from kits or built from scratch using wood, styrene and cardstock
  • A wide range of scenery on display: industries, cities, towns, farms and forests
  • Locomotives and cars are mostly commercial models, although some have added detail or are custom built
  • Steam and diesel, North American and European, freight and passenger trains

Club History

Six hobbyists formed the club in September 1987 to build a modular-style model railroad layout. As the club grew, it was formally incorporated as a non-profit Society in January 1990. Two other layouts in the club were started to accommodate the various interests of the group. Initially meeting in members' homes, and after spending 6 years in Londonderry Mall, the club moved to Capilano Mall for a couple of years and then back to Londonderry. Since then, we have been in Fort Saskatchewan Mall, Sherwood Park Mall and Sherwood Park Plaza.

The club consists of two sub-groups, one for each layout. Each club member is a member of at least one of the subgroups: Edmonton N Scalers and LaBaJa.


Yellowhead Rail

The original HO scale layout begun in 1987 is known today as the Yellowhead Rail Club and it decided to strike out on its own in 2011.

Edmonton N Scalers

The N scale layout started with just a few modules in 1991, and has expanded tremendously since. The modules are a modified version of the international "N-Trak" standard and uses Digital Command Control from Digitrax. For more details and photos of this layout click here:



The LaBaJa group was also started in 1991 and its name reflects the names of the founding members: Lamarche, Baker and Jackson. This large HO scale layout was designed for realistic running using Digital Command Control to allow completely independent control. All the modules of this layout are owned collectively by the group's members. For more details and photos of this layout click here:



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