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June 2015 Vegreville Show

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Older Photos

03250014.jpg 03250016.jpg 03250017.jpg 03250018.jpg
03250019.jpg 03250021.jpg 03250022.jpg 03250026.jpg
03250028.jpg 03250029.jpg 03250030.jpg 03250032.jpg
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03250038.jpg 03250040.jpg 03250063.jpg 03250064.jpg
03250065.jpg 03250066.jpg 03250092.jpg 03250093.jpg
labaja55.jpg labaja56.jpg labaja57.jpg labaja58.jpg

LaBaJa Highlights

  • 43x24 feet, L shaped, 80 feet of mainline track
  • Many small but detailed vignettes bring the layout alive
  • Car accident with an ambulance in attendance, complete with flashing lights
  • Canadian Army loading military vehicles onto rail cars
  • 5 impressive bridges, featuring the scratchbuilt, two foot long, 18 inch high replica of the Stoney Creek steel arch bridge on the Canadian Pacific
  • Scratchbuilt operating oil pump jacks feed the huge 8 foot long refinery model based on the Esso refinery in Strathcona
  • Controlled by Digital Command Control using Digitrax's Chief system with the ability to control over 100 engines simultaneously

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