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See those animated Crossing gates and Signals above this text? Sure you do, when you see those in action, Lights flashing, bells ringing and gates lowering
Below is a video that will show and tell you EXACTLY what will happen if you DISOBEY these RR signals when functioning!
Five lives, that's right, FIVE LIVES were lost because the driver was in hurry and tried to beat an Amtrak Train!
He, nor his passengers had a chance.


Expect a train, from any direction, from any track at any Railroad Crossing, at ANY time!


Don't become a loser AND another senseless, tragic statistic!
These types of senseless deaths not only affect the families of those that died, it also affects those on the train, train crews (those in the locomotive), witnesses and those folks, such as police and paramedics that have to work such a tragic scene!

Toy Trunk Railroad by Erik Sansom

The rail humor cartoon strip you see above is a nice addition to any railroad site.
To visit Erik Sansom and his website just click on the comic strip.

This site will be undergoing some major changes over the next month or so, I have had no way to access my website due
to not having access to a computer that I could utilize to maintain it. I now have my computer back on-line
and thusly will be updating my website here with a lot of new stuff I have collected over the last year or more while I
have been unable to upload it to the site or update any of the pages here.

There will be new train screen savers, links to my youtube videos on many fronts, as well as other interesting things.

It's going to take me some time to find and gather the photo's, videos, etc.
So watch for a lot of new goodies to be
coming on-line over the next month or two while I, again, re-locate and get things prepped for upload here and youtube!

Clay Fugitte
Orlando, FL

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