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Foothill Rails--Amador Central References
Amador Central References
    I currently know only of the following items. If you know of any others, please email me

1.  Video, Last Run of the Amador Central, by Machines of Iron, 1999

2.  Video, California's Baldwin Diesels, by Pentrex, 1993

3.  Western Railroader Vol. 36, Nov.-Dec. 1973, issue 403.

4.  Western Railroader Vol. 5, Sept. 1942, issue 54

5.  Western Railroader Vol. 11, May 1948, issue 104

6.  Magazine article, Railfan & Railroad, Nov. 1997, Amador Central's Silent Spring

7.  Magazine article, Railfan & Railroad, April 2004, pg 26, Amador Album by Ted Benson

8.  Magazine article, CTC Board, July 1997, California Shortline Amador Central Ceases Operation by Adam Weidenbach

9.  Magazine article, Railroad Modeler, Feb. 1980, Call It Obscure Central--The Amador Central

10.  Magazine, Pacific News, #92 June 1969, The Amador Central

11.  Magazine article, Model Railroader, vol 52 #8, Aug 1985, pgs 109-111, "Paint Shop", Shortline Lumber Haulers In HO. Covers "side-slider" boxcars.

12.  Video, Great Shortlines West, Charles Smiley Presents. includes AMC and several others.

13.  Magazine article, Narrow Guage Shortline Gazzette, Sept/Oct 1981, pgs 30-31

14.  Video, Sierra Shortlines Vol 2, by Catenary Productions.

15.  Book, Amador Central Railroad by Deborah Coleen Cook (note: Two of my photos are reproduced without permission or credit in this book.)

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