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Foothill Rails--Amador Central Model Products
Amador Central Model Products
    I currently know only of the following items. If you know of any others, please email me

      Microscale 87-320 HO scale AMC Boxcar 50' DD
                 60-320 N scale AMC Boxcar 50' DD
      Harold-King  B-1510 HO Boxcar Med. Blue 50' (3-79) Wht decal
      Roundhouse #1982 kit 50' DD boxcar #1031
      Microtrains #30140 rtr 50' boxcar #1075 (also available in Kadee #19999 w/ five cars from other roads)
      Microtrains #30149 kit 50' boxcar #1075
      Roundhouse #8282 kit 50' DD boxcar #1031
      AJCC  #1195-123a  rtr 50' DD boxcar #1031

David Joslin's HO S-12 AFRR #10

David customized a Stewart S-12 with Mircroscale decals and Detail Associates parts to produce this beautiful model of AFRR #10.

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