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Foothill Rails--CPLT Survivors
Surviving CPLT Equipment

    This is what I've found to still be in existance. If you know of any more, please email me.
1.  3Truck Shay #2 is now on display at TravelTown.

2.  Some of the boxcar fleet built in 1978 by American Car and Foundry still ply the rails for Bangor and Aroostook.
Many of these have been relettered for the Yadkin RR and carry YKR reporting marks.

3.  Many of CPLT 7700-7749 class FMC offset double door boxcars went to McCloud River. Several are still running around.

4.  CPLT 44Tonner #102 is currently at Sims Metals in Richmond,CA. (note: scrapped 20??)

5.  Speeder #4 is on display at El Dorado County Museum.

6.  The second CPLT caboose is located at El Dorado County Museum. Note: Moved to the El Dorado Western in Shingle Springs for restoration January 2013.

7.  Speeder #3 is privately owned somewhere in the Camino,CA area.

8.  Speeder #2 rests as a yard decoration in Camino,CA.

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