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El Dorado Lime and Mineral Roster
El Dorado Lime and Mineral
Number Type Builder Bldr.# Built History & Notes Dispositon
#1 Shay 2tr Lima #1785 1906 lease from US Bureau of Reclamation,
ex Standard Lmbr (S.Fork Mill),
nee Union Construction #1
(Stanislaus Ry)
#2 Shay 2tr Lima #1823 1907 lease from Bureau of Reclamation,
ex Cazadero Lmbr #1,
nee DH McEwen Lmbr #1
DL-2 Plymouth #1565 1930 deliv as 36" gauge
DLH Plymouth #3524 1930 ex HT Neal Machinery,
nee Stone & Webster Engineering Corp
retired 1970
ML3 Plymouth #4156 1941 ex A Teichert & Sons,
ex USATC #7689,
nee Quartermaster Corps #2038
to private owner, Folsom,CA
to Olney Land & Cattle as display, Maxwell,CA
see also my El Dorado Lime & Mineral page.

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