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Foothill Rails--P & SV:2
Placerville & Sacramento Valley RR:2

The Placerville & Sacramento Valley is a 501 c3 Not for Profit that operates rolling stock owned by FEDSHRA. They currently have two small locomotives, a couple speeders, and other rolling stock. They are based at the Placerville Branch wye in Folsom,CA. With permission from the Joint Powers Authority, who owns the line, the railroad runs excursions on the branch with 2011 being their first full season.

Locomotive Roster
Pactiv #T500 25Ton GE #27811 1944 ex Pactiv #T500,
ex Diamond Int #796,
ex Diamond National,
ex Diamond Gardner,
ex Diamond Match Co (Chico,CA),
ex US Navy # 65-00320,
nee US Navy Ammo Depot #2
Terminal #8
45IE-26B Whitcomb #60330 1943 ex CSRM,Sacramento,CA,
ex Howard Terminal #8,
nee US Army #7504
No # ML Plymouth 1939 (privately owned,
not on official roster)
ex Cargill,
nee US Army

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